WKNC 88.1 FM HD-1/HD-2 is student-run non-commercial radio from NC State University, playing indie rock, electronic, hip-hop and metal. This podcast features interviews from 2010-2018.

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King Mez

DJ Iron Mic sat down with Raleigh rapper King Mez for an interview about local rap, gentrification, and inspiration.

Wye Oak

DJ Whatsherface and DJ Sparrow sat down with Wye Oak to discuss their Hopscotch experience after they kicked off the festival with a great show.


DJ Neruda sat down with Palm to talk about their most recent album and new sound after a solid show at the Pour House during Hopscotch festival weekend.


DJ Whatsherface and DJ Sparrow sat down with Phil from Tuskha (formerly of Bowerbirds) to talk about his favorite new music and recent tour with Wye Oak during Hopscot...


DJ Wolfware sat down with LVL UP to talk about touring, a record deal at SUB POP, and members Mike and Dave’s label Exploding in Sound before their show at Deep South ...

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